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  • How Can I Improve My Pets (and my) Immune System

    The first step in retaining a healthy immune system is removing exposure to toxins that will debilitate these organs that we need functioning at their optimal level.  -------------------------------------------------------
  • Pet Poisoning – does this really happen?

    Pet owners are often concerned with their pets’ health. They worry when they have an “off” activity day, lose their appetite for a day or two, mayb... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Pets Are Constantly Being Exposed To Carcinogens

    We are constantly asked by our clients for reasons why their well-cared pets suddenly get sick with vomiting and diarrhea being primary symptoms. T... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Are A Healthy Liver and Kidneys Key to Disease Free Health?

    When we address diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blindness, arthritis, obesity and a host of other maladies occurring in our pets, we must take a... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Did you know what super foods can keep your pet healthy?

    In our never-ending quest to ramp up our nutritional optimization, we invest plenty of research regarding the values of different foods that our ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is There Truly A Holistic Lifestyle For Pets?

    These days we are constantly seeing so many promotions, advertisements and programs touting the “NEW” health movement. People are exercising more a... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is My Pet Addicted To Drugs?

    We as pet parents, can sense when our pet is not feeling well. They have a lower interest in their food, are sleeping more and maybe have a bit of ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Are You Keeping Your Pets Eyes and Ears Healthy?

    It is well known that dogs and cats are constantly plagued with chronic eye and ear problems. Runny, tear stained eyes, smelly, dirty ears and the ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Allergies In Pets - WHY?

    Do you really think that pets do have allergies? Let’s look at allergies and all the symptoms related to it from a different perspective. We hear t... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Here’s A New Approach to Cancer in Dogs...

    Did you know that our canine companions are the most toxic creatures on the face of the earth? Not only do they deal with the day-to-day environmen... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Calm Before The Storm…Why?

    Do your pets appear to be calm before a storm? Here’s a great example to help you understand why… In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I look back a... -------------------------------------------------------
  • How Can You Can Achieve The Best “Health” For Your Pets?

    While researching this topic, I decided to look up the definition of health. When I went to Wikipedia, I was astonished and confused by all the iss... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Allergies In Pets - What Can We Do?

    It is time for us all to take more control and responsibility for our pets’ health and well-being, we need to improve our understanding of what opt... -------------------------------------------------------
  • What are WE Really Doing To Our Pets?

    As you know, we all love our pets and consider them to be our family members. We provide them with food, shelter, grooming, health care, fun, exerc... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Why Do Fatty Tumors Appear and Are They Cancerous?

    As our pets and even ourselves age, we often see lumps and bumps appear on the body. These fatty lumps are called lipomas or fatty tumors. Technica... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Natural Antibiotics and Homeopathic Remedies…

    Within the world and scope of everyday commerce, we deal with natural ways to treat health challenges in pets and people daily. From our position i... -------------------------------------------------------
  • What Is CBD And What Are The Benefits?

    In our quest to find optimal health and healing, we have found many open doors leading to the healthiest foods and diets for all creatures along wi... -------------------------------------------------------

    Over the years, there have been many questions surrounding vaccination programs for our pets, ourselves and our children that have become center st... -------------------------------------------------------
  • We all need a fresh start...even our pets!

    Many people make New Year’s resolutions to achieve a more organized, happier and healthier lifestyle for ourselves. Because we are so caught up in ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Do You Think Pets Are Killing Our Environment?

    Recently we were presented with a question regarding pets and our environment which made us recall an alarming article that I read about our most r... -------------------------------------------------------

    For the past two decades major changes in the veterinary medicine have expanded the use of many unapproved drugs for use in pets. This regimen of u... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is It Possible To Get A Stronger Immune System to Fight Cancer?

    As known leaders in the animal health industry, we can’t stress enough times how important the role of nutrition plays in building a strong and hea... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is Your Pet Really In Pain?

    Often we are asked about pain in pets from our clients and how they should handle it. This is a very tough situation as there are minimal signs tha... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Do You Think Giardia, Worms, Heartworm, & Intestinal Parasites Can Be A Human Threat?

    Are you worried that pets can harbor and transmit parasites to their human family? This poses a major concern for all in the plight to keep all of ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Do You Know The True Scoop on Poop & Vomit

    We have found that there is probably no greater discussion that pet owners have with one another than that of their pet’s poop. When you go on ever... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Blindness In Pets...

    Every week, we see many health challenges from cancer to allergies and everything in between. One of the ever increasing and more challenging issue... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Changing My Pet’s Diet…What Really Happens?

    Most often pet owners are faced with having to change their pet’s diet for a variety of reasons. Reasons may be from a recall, discontinuation of p... -------------------------------------------------------
  • What Is All The Controversy Regarding Spay And Neuter?

    There have been huge debates when it comes upon a decision to spay or neuter one’s pets. Many people are questioning the necessity and the potentia... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Health Should Always Be The Goal!

    Daily we receive visits and phone calls from confused and frustrated pet owners searching for answers to their pet’s health challenges. Often they ... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Does Every Meal Create An Opportunity to Heal?

    For quite some time now, we have been witnessing post after post on social media, article after article about the chemistry and the adulteration of... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Food and Drugs for Pets – Are they really safe?

    There have been plenty of frightening warnings about food safety, drug withdrawals and vaccine scares since the New Year began and we have had many... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is Diagnostic Testing Always Necessary?

    For us, every time it seems that a client comes to us for help, a common complaint is their veterinarian runs numerous tests and treatments. Sympto... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Are Raw and Fresh Food Warnings Exaggerated?

    We keep hearing the warnings from the FDA concerning food contamination and recalls. Many of the messages focus on only a small segment of food pro... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Why Is Pet Obesity Becoming A Modern Day Challenge?

    Most caring pet owners strive to keep their pets healthy and happy. They follow the regular schedule of veterinary visits with all the customary va... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Really, are our pets healthier by ingesting toxic chemicals?

    Have you ever asked yourself we are lead to believe that the road to good health is through toxic, chemically laden processed food, synthetic nutri... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Why is your pet…“Bad To The Bone”?

    Most everything that goes into our pets’ body has a profound effect on their behavior. In a natural environment where animals are eating species ap... -------------------------------------------------------
  • The truth about vaccines… what they don’t tell us!

    Anyone who has ever read any of our blogs or magazine articles, heard any of our radio shows or been to one of our live events and seminars have h... -------------------------------------------------------
  • When is Senior Truly “Senior” With our Pets?

    Did you know that parakeets can live twenty years or more? Cockatiels, thirty plus. For cats the world record as far as I know is fifty-six years o... -------------------------------------------------------
  • What kind of meals should I feed my cat?

    Cats are very unique, mysterious, stealth, exotic creatures with very different genetics than any other creature on earth. They are hunters, an obl... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Is My Pet Normal Or Sick?

    In our topsy turvy profit-driven medical system, do we really know what the normal body responses are? Are the symptoms we see always signs that ou... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Has My Pet Really Evolved?

    You often hear from veterinarians and others in the pet food industry that our pets have evolved through hundreds of years of domestication but wha... -------------------------------------------------------
  • How do we keep our pets healthy on a budget?

    In today’s high tech society; we occasionally stumble upon something that causes us to pause for a moment in which we step back in time. Social med... -------------------------------------------------------
  • How Safe Are GMO's In Pet Food?

    Recently, I found a timeline regarding the introduction of Genetically Modified Foods (GM Foods) and was astonished. As most of you know, I’m alrea... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Cancer In Pets - There Are Options…

    There is nothing as frightening as a pet parent being informed by their veterinarian that their pet has cancer!” Then the dreaded standard statemen... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Can Pets Get Dementia and Other Human Conditions?

    Over the past few decades, there has been a dramatic change in the behavior and health challenges in our pets. In younger pets, simple training iss... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Why BioComplete Natural Diets and Herbs?

    First and foremost, let us point out that every day we are seeing more and more pet food vendors promoting raw food, all natural and holistic diets... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Do I Choose Vitamins, Supplements or Herbs?

    Everyone that I encounter has taken vitamins and supplements at some point in their life. Most pet owners do the same for their pets. In fact, if y... -------------------------------------------------------
  • In Nature, Animals Self Medicate & Treat Themselves with Botanicals

    There is a reason why we rarely find widespread disease and illness in nature. In nature, you don’t have research universities, pharmaceutical comp... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Can Mosquito Control Be Making My Pet (and myself) Sick?

    Well summer is here again and in Florida it brings on hot, humid weather and mosquito season! These pesky creatures create havoc as they buzz and b... -------------------------------------------------------
  • Can My Dog or Cat Survive Liver or Kidney Issues?

    A sad fact in today’s processed food and medicine culture is that many more pets, both dogs and cats, are being diagnosed with liver and kidney iss... -------------------------------------------------------