Pet Poisoning – does this really happen?

Pet owners are often concerned with their pets’ health. They worry when they have an “off” activity day, lose their appetite for a day or two, maybe even vomit or have loose stool. Sometimes tough decisions must be made in how to react. “Are they sick” or just “off”? Veterinary visits can be costly and economics and budgets continue to be factors in what we decide. Many try to self-diagnose online, others seek the advice of fellow pet owners or pet “experts” at the local pet store. If we could understand the possible causes, our decisions would be simple.

We feel it is important to stress over and over that disease simply boils down to 2 primary causes, deficiency and toxicity. It is a combination of both, working together that creates a dysfunction in the body. Often it is only a short-term issue as the body is designed to heal itself naturally. We are tasked with understanding what our pets are exposed to, both good and harmful and make the appropriate lifestyle changes.

Here’s our explanation on how these issues occur. The deficiency issue starts with the feeding of a highly processed, low nutrient, monolithic diet. The lack of diversity or varieties in foods creates voids of certain bioavailable nutrients. Synthetic, chemically added supplements have been the culprit of many pet food recalls and pet deaths.

The toxicity issues are from many different sources. We can go back to the synthetic supplements and then add in the plethora of color, artificial flavors, stabilizers, stimulants and preservatives that are not only added to the food but are in other ingredients being used that are not even listed on the package. To add to the toxic load are the chemical exposures that they breathe in daily, such as government spraying for mosquitoes and other pathogens, air fresheners and household cleaners. Dogs are also exposed to all the lawn chemicals and boosters including the weed killers that are linked to cancer. We need to look at the toxicity of drugs and medication we freely use on our pets without understanding their possible side effects and adverse events listed on product inserts.

This warning is being sounded because beyond cancer, liver and kidney failure cases have become the main causes of death in our pets. Liver and kidney issues are caused by a breakdown of the organs ability to process and eliminate waste. If that waste contains large quantities of toxic chemicals, the cells that function are injured or die. If they cannot function properly, the whole body suffers. Every parasitic drug is a poison, whether it’s for fleas, ticks, heartworms or others. Every vaccine your pet gets contains toxic heavy metals such as Aluminum and Mercury.

When our pets are fed an abundance of commercial single food diets, the immune system becomes compromised and unable to defend itself against the assault of the toxins. When we see our pets not acting normal and appear to be “sick,” we need to take a moment to reflect on our approach to feeding and medicating our pets. Ask yourselves this…Did we treat our lawn or deep clean our house? Did we vaccinate or medicate our pets recently? Did we change foods?

In most cases if we look and understand what our pets are exposed to and move to a more natural lifestyle, our pets will experience a longer healthier life.

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