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Tamara Shulim recommends My Paleo Pet 1.2023

My new favorite health store for my dog! So beyond grateful I found this place. I am very selective with what I give my dog and I one thousand percent trust their food and herbal supplements. I give my dog their herbs daily and she is beyond picky yet seems to love them! Bill is such a pleasure to talk to - he’s extremely knowledgeable and really has your pets best interest at heart. His staff is incredibly nice and helpful too! The raw food is top notch quality. I cannot be happier with this place. Highly highly recommend!



Tammy Macdonald 6.2021
I bought a GT 50 Air Purifier from Paleo Pet because my ac guy found mold in my ac unit. My pets and I were not having any issues that I was aware of with the mold, but it was a concern. After using it for a few days ... WOW! ! ! I have had my sinuses irrigated MANY years ago so I know what it feels like when they are clean and clear. I was not aware that I was actually indeed suffering from the mold until I used this air purifier. I was not having any sinus issues at all, but my sinuses felt refreshed after using the purifier. I eat and live as clean of a lifestyle as I possibly can in this toxic world we live in so I was probably able to fight off the noticeable signs of a problem. I am so happy to have gotten this item. I haven't yet seen any noticeable signs with my dogs yet, but they do appear to sleep deeper. This is an affordable product that might make a HUGE difference in your life, and think about your pets, they have to live in your home all day long day after day ...



I’m in awe, my dog ( 9 months old ) transitioned to raw meals effortlessly and loves everything in there - meals, bones, treats, even mixed with herbs ( we’re giving her the heart worm & fleas herbs ) . My greatest find in this store is the raw butter - miracle healer of all open wounds and the honey sticks with CBD - which I add to my coffee cup ; after having my dog one week on raw diet , I’m a believer- even her behavior enhanced !! Thanks Bill for the great idea and everybody working in the store for a great job !!



Veronica Gluecksmann

This is the absolute best place to get fresh high quality human grade food for your dog or cat. I have been shopping with them (Previously Fiesta Pet Deli) for over 8 years and get everything - food, treats, organic herbal blends, raw bones, organic farm eggs, local and manuka honey ... and so much more from them! Bill (the owner) is amazing! He has so much knowledge and has taught me SO MUCH over the years on how to give my dogs the HEALTHIEST LIFE including how to eliminate fleas and heartworm Naturally. There is a reason why he is called The Pet Health Guru! I can go on and on ... HIGHLY Recommend. His staff is also super nice and helpful - Olga, specifically is an angel! Do your dog a favor and come to this place. You will be happy you did!


Catherine Wolf NYC, NY

A friend told me about My Paleo Pet food just before I got my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Puppy and food arrived the same day, so I immediately fed the 3-month-old with the new food, which is a mixture of ingredients such as lamb, turkey, salmon, vegetables etc. all made differently and they are fresh, not cooked. The dog ate down the food as if she hadn’t eaten in years. The breeder said she had loose bowels and said to keep an eye on it.  I mixed in the crushed eggshells that are made into a powder, specifically for bowels and calcium. The next day my puppy’s bowels were normal.  When my puppy began scratching I called in and spoke to the brilliant Olga who sent another remedy that also works.
Taking the puppy for her distemper booster the new vet said, “Oh, I don’t think fresh food is good for a puppy or even a growing dog.  I will suggest another food for you.” I know many vets have been trained to disagree with this kind of feeding however I disagreed and that was the end of that.  My puppy is doing really well.  Even the breeder, who was a winner at the Westminster Dog Show, asked for the information about My Paleo Pet and the fabulous Olga.
I am a believer in giving the best care to any animal.  That means fresh food, good exercise and lots of love.  In my opinion the best way to start is with the incredible advice of the My Paleo Pet team.  I am so grateful to have been led to Paleo Pet food, as is my happy puppy.


Hi! The Paleo pet team has always been helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. I am thankful for an alternative (heartworm/parasite powder) that has been effective! Thus far my pup loves all the sample treats we get in the mail. Thanks Paleo Team!


Teddy The Shichon

I give it two paws up 🐾

If you'd like to learn more about natural health care for your fur babies, contact Bill at My Paleo Pet - he'll take good care of you!


Tara Terry

I am completely in debted to this place. The raw food and organic herb diet saved my very best friend for at least 2+ years. She fought for as long as she could. The dry kibble gave her cancer and once on the diet that Bill provided me with it saved her life. 


Patti G.

Bill is the best. His knowledge and support has kept my pets healthy for years. Great store.


Sandy R.

My Paleo Pet formerly Fiesta Pet Deli has been instrumental in the success of my Grand Champion show dog. I have been feeding him the fresh raw food since he was 10 weeks old. The difference that it has made in his coat teeth and all around good health is very obvious when he steps into the show ring. The herbal remedies that Bill and Dr. Diane have recommended have also been a perfect fit in keeping a holistic approach to the health of my dogs. I’m a very loyal customer and am so grateful for their expertise.



Sora Vela

Thanks to the owner and the manager, Olga, my 14 years old baby is strong and healthy. I follow all their suggestions.


Truly the best CBD around. Gave it to my cat that had cancer and he lived 2 yrs with no pain. Hells my dogs totally relax on July 4th. I can totally see the difference in my pets. Also the stray when he spends the night it helps him to totally relax. Have tried others and they don’t work. Can’t thank you enough! Xo


Gerri Indeck Heitin
My dog Lucci has been on raw food for many years. Thank you Bill Piechocki and Olgia.

Jill Ostrow-Suglio

Bill is the absolute most knowledgable expert on not only pet health but people health as well! He has been advising pet owners and people for over 40 years and will point you in the right direction, no matter what the issue or condition. Fiesta's newest product, CBD Hemp for pets us AMAZING and good for numerous conditions, I have had great results from the CBD for my senior dog, he feels so much better and moves better since taking it! I highly recommend going to see Bill before you visit the vet!!!

Sue Blodgett
thank you so much for your recommendations for my kitty with renal failure
Randi Pickett
Bill is the best!! Him and his staff are extremely knowledgeable. I'm poking forward to many healthy years with my fur babies ❤️🐾❤️🐾


Emanuel Vitor

Cool place. Nice birds
They also had 3 kittens outside for adoption. They are adorable!


Jill Ward

I started going here a few years back and have been buying the dehydrated chicken and salmon for treats for our dogs. They love it!! Now that we live in SC we have it shipped and have not had any problems. This is the only place that we can get this product. Helpful and knowledgeable staff!


Barbara Larsen


Randi Stockdill

My Aussie was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma and we were told there was nothing we could do. We turned to holistic medicine. Dr. Dym recommended seeing Bill. Bill spent time developing a plan for his diet and supplements. Bill is very knowledgeable and caring. Both have give me hope that we can slow the progression and make my boy comfortable. Thank you!


Diane S, St. Petersburg, FL

This is the only place I have found where you can get good sourced raw food for your pet. I have bought from them for more than 15 years. The rescue cats and my personal cats have flourish on this food. I also incorporate many of the herbs in their diets through the food and have stopped urinary tract infections, slowed cancers and reversed thyroid conditions. Thank Bill and your staff for making sure my order is on time and ready to go when i get there. Just wish you were selling in St Pete!


Alexandria P, Rochester NY

The best place ever. if youre looking to switch your pets food from kibble to raw, this is the place to do it. the owner Bill will tell you allll the benefits from raw food. he is so kind and caring.


Randi P.

Bill is the best!! Him and his staff are extremely knowledgeable. I'm poking forward to many healthy years with my fur babies