Ketogenic, Paleo, and BARF Diet for Pets, Natural Dog Treats, and Raw Dairy for Pets in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, FL, and Surrounding Areas

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Ketogenic, Paleo, and BARF diets for pets with cat and dog eating raw meet from a food dish

At My Paleo Pet, we are proud to provide nutritious, organic, and delicious foods/natural treats to Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, FL, and the surrounding areas. From raw goat milk for dogs or cats to Ketogenic diet for pets, and everything in-between, we’re here to offer pet owners safe, healthy, and real-food options.

Our food goes beyond the standard store-brand Paleo cat food or Keto dog foods that you might find at your local pet store. We provide you with natural, human-grade, USDA-approved foods that are safe and nutritious for your pet. Whether you’re starting the BARF diet and need raw meats, or you’re just looking for healthy natural dog treats, we’re here to meet your needs and provide your pets with the best products on the market.

Pet Diets: Ketogenic Diet for Pets, Paleo Pet Foods, and the BARF Diet

While kibble diets are the most common diets for pets, kibble is not the best choice for your furry friend! There are several other healthy and effective pet diets including BARF diets, Paleo pet food diets, and Ketogenic diets for pets that ensure that your pet is receiving optimal nutrition. 

Ketogenic Diet for Pets

What is a Ketogenic diet? Keto diets consist of very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat. Keto diets for dogs are gaining popularity among pet owners with dogs that have seizures, diabetes, and cancer.

The Ketogenic diet for pets helps your furry friend burn fat and increase energy! At My Paleo Pet, we’re not just selling keto dog food or keto cat foods, we’re providing you with natural, organic, human-grade fresh foods you can feed to your pets that offer optimal vitamins and nutrition.

Paleo Pet Foods

Have you heard of Paleo diets for humans? Based around a “hunter-gatherer” diet which excludes things like processed foods and grains. While the Paleo diet has grown in popularity in humans, there is also an increased interest in Paleo pet foods based on their own ancestral diets. This type of grain-free dog food or grain-free cat food consists of no added carbohydrates, and moderate-high protein and fat.

If you are looking for Paleo pet foods, we offer you the best natural Paleo-friendly food options for your pet. With a selection of USDA-approved foods, treats, and herbs, our natural foods are better than any Paleo dog food or cat food option you’ll find at your local pet store.


B.A.R.F stands for ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’. Dr. Ian Billinghurst, veterinarian and nutritionist, developed this diet based on the principle that dogs and cats should eat the diet they evolved to eat. It is a diet consisting of meats and greens that are fresh and uncooked. BARF diets consists of very low carbohydrate, moderate fat, and high protein.

BARF diets for cats and dogs are not always easy. With several pet food companies claiming to offer the best raw foods for the BARF diet, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually feeding your pet. At My Paleo Pet, we provide you with human-grade raw meats that are safe for human consumption and ideal for diets such as BARF for dogs and cats.

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Natural Dog Treats for South Florida

Are you tired of the highly-processed dog treat options in most stores? It’s time to consider natural dog treats for your pup! In addition to offering our clients delicious natural foods and raw meats for specialty diets, we offer natural treats for dogs in Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Jupiter, FL and the surrounding areas. Our fresh baked, natural treat options include but are not limited to:

  • Beef Liver Treats
  • Lamb Liver
  • Duck Feet
  • Beef Heart Treats
  • Turkey Breast Filet
  • Tuna Treats

Raw Dairy for Pets

Raw goats milk for dogs in West Palm Beach, FL

We also offer raw dairy for pets, including raw goat milk for dogs and cats. Providing unprocessed, non-GMO raw dairy for pets, we ensure that your dogs, cats, and other pets are receiving the best raw dairy products with no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or toxic pesticides. In addition to providing raw goat milk for cats and dogs, we offer a range of tasty and nutritious dairy products that make a great snack for your pet. Our raw dairy for pets includes:

  • Raw Goat Milk
  • Raw Cow Milk
  • Homemade Butter
  • Heavy Raw Cream
  • Raw Yogurt
  • Specialty Blends and More