About Our Raw Food for Pets, Natural Herbs for Dogs, Natural Herbs for Cats, Healthy Dog Food Alternatives, and Delivery Services

My Paleo Pet, formerly Fiesta Pet Deli was implemented out of a vision that pets needed a natural and economical supply source for healthy foods and products. Founders, Bill Piechocki, Animal Scientist, Pet Industry Specialist and Nutritionist and his colleague Dr Diane Sudduth, MS, DVM, MAPST, MPH joined forces back in 2006 to create a healthy and holistic lifestyle for pets through diet and environment.

The goal was to create natural foods, herbs, and many other natural products to be available nationwide and were of the utmost quality. This led to the birth of their BioComplete label which features meats, poultry, seafood, honey and herbal products. BioComplete is fast becoming a major brand and is now world renowned in the pet industry.

Today, My Paleo Pet is the only fresh, real food source for dogs, cats, and other carnivores. Started as a tiny store in a Farmers Market in Pompano Beach, Florida, it has now evolved into a state-of-the-art facility as a full-service fresh pet nutritiion provider and retail store featuring the BioComplete line of products. Located in Pompano Beach, we service West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, FL, and the surrounding areas for local deliveries. We also ship nationwide.

All BioComplete, diets are made with only USDA human-grade ingredients and products. My Paleo Pet offers a large variety of raw or cooked foods including exotics such as buffalo and bison. We are now offering “Fresh from Florida” pasture-raised poultry and grass-fed meats. Every item is scrutinized for the utmost quality along with providing specific nutritional and functional benefits. These raw diets, herbs and naturals lines are second to none.

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to create diets specifically geared to help pets with health challenges such as allergies, cancer, diabetes, dental, skin issues and other diseases. Without the help of synthetic drugs, we have helped dogs and cats doomed to death live years longer. We also take pride in promoting optimal health for all pets.

Many of our products were developed through our research in problems that affect both people and pets alike. Our affiliate, BioVance Laboratories was a pioneer in toxicity and heavy metals testing. This spawned the BioComplete Natural Herb line as we needed natural chelation products which we found that many herbs perform.

Much of this was possible through the expertise of Dr Diane Sudduth, who's experience includes working with the FDA and the USDA, as well as in the private sector medical device and animal health industry.

Another affiliate, Pet Health Café is an internet radio show that started with a few radio interviews with Bill and Dr. Diane in order to help educate pet owners on proper pet care and nutrition. This show has evolved into a weekly show heard worldwide on multiple internet media stations and is a part of the Health Café Live Network which hosts additional programs on nutrition, natural regimens and alternative health for both people and their pets. You can also listen to the show’s podcast archives on iHeart Radio

The core of My Paleo Pet’s philosophy is an integrated educational forum with the products, services and expertise that you won't find anywhere else. Feel free to take the time to view each of our affiliates and experience the benefits that you can gain.

All of us at My Paleo Pet extend a warm welcome to you and your furry friends. Wishing you and yours a most pleasant experience. We strive to offer you only the best and hope you and your pet enjoy the journey towards a happier and longer life.