Cancer In Pets - There Are Options…

There is nothing as frightening as a pet parent being informed by their veterinarian that their pet has cancer!” Then the dreaded standard statement “we need to start treatment or do surgery NOW.” Whoa! Wait a minute! Could this be a sales pitch… are they truly offering a solution or could they possibly be promoting a revenue opportunity for themselves.

First and foremost, your pet’s cancer did not begin upon diagnosis in one day. It has been developing and growing for quite some time. Unless it’s a tumor that ruptured and they are bleeding to death, the urgency is often just emotion. As with any other disease and treatment plan, your decisions must be made in an educated and well thought out plan. Is your goal to minimize your pets’ “suffering” which in most cases cannot be evaluated or is your goal to cure your pet of the cancer to enjoy many more years of healthy life?

The question we must ask is this, “how did my pet get cancer?” If we do not look at the possible causes and rid them, we can’t eliminate the cancer and cure it. We can either “cut the tumor out or treat it”. However, if the cause is not eliminated, the cancer will most likely come back.

So what should you do? Is the diagnosis conclusive or speculative? In many cases you will find “we think it is xyz cancer, but we need to do more tests.” Our next question should be “are these tests mandatory and will they really affect our treatment plan?”

As most of you know, there are many different approaches to treating cancer. What is often forgotten is that we cannot cure anything. Only the individual body is capable of healing itself, as long as we provide the tools. Since the only two causes of cancer are deficiency and toxicity, you do effectively have the control.

There is a very basic plan that is overly simplistic. We eliminate all controllable sources of toxicity, from un-natural drugs, chemicals such as lawn treatments, insecticides, deodorizers, cleaners, and drugs. We boost our nutrition to eliminate the deficiencies with species appropriate, natural, unprocessed fresh foods and herbs. This is the easy part; the rest is choosing the proper food and products to accomplish this and an accurate monitoring system. Remember that it takes years to develop cancer so the cure can take equally as long.

Here is what we know… our dogs, cats, birds, and even iguanas in the wild do NOT suffer from the same diseases and cancers that their captive and domesticated pets suffer from. With the administration of processed diets, vaccines, and “so-called” preventive drugs, our pets are subjected to cancer and other diseases that their ancestors in the wild have never experienced. Even in humans, a person that is raised in an industrial city will be prone to many cancers than those raised in rural areas. Why would our pets be different?

The body and the immune systems need to be built up in order to provide a proper defense. There are foods, herbs, natural botanicals and other natural elements that not only stop, but reverse the ravages of cancer and other health challenges. There are many herbs available such as Blessed Thistle, Cat’s Claw, Paul D’Arco and Spirulina to name a few. Explore these before you make your decision to start carving the body or using chemical poisons. Nature has and still does provide the best solutions.


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