Does Every Meal Create An Opportunity to Heal?

For quite some time now, we have been witnessing post after post on social media, article after article about the chemistry and the adulteration of most commercial pet foods. We will start with ingredients such as preservatives, food coloring, artificial flavorings and other additives that are known carcinogens, toxins and even contaminated ingredients, it is a wonder that our pets survive at all.

Recent testing revealed that even those special foods sold by your veterinarian contain many of the same ingredients that are in the supermarket brands, even though they are labeled as premium and functional foods. Compare the ingredient labels and you will see that they all contain most of the same components. What makes them different?

We are hoping to trust that the pet food and veterinary industries are delivering products that will keep your pet healthy. The general population is constantly influenced by the great promotional materials and commercials that visually depict images of fresh foods supposedly in that bag, box or can which subsequently gives an impression that these products are filled with perfectly prepared foods that your pet will thrive on. When you open those packages, do you see any of those real food items? Does it smell like that fresh cooked meal that was presented on the package or in the commercial? By observation of the food itself, can you tell what is really in it?

The questions posed here illustrate the problem that most pet owners have in selecting food for their pets. Most varieties look and smell the same to us. Now to complicate matters, the manufacturers and dealers, including your pet’s health provider, are telling you to only feed one food so as not to upset their fragile stomach. Unfortunately, most of the information you are receiving from them is as unhealthy as the food that is being proposed.

We all know that no pet could ever lead a long, healthy life if their diets only consisted of dry cereal or cans of highly processed mystery material labeled as food. Your pet needs high energy, fresh species appropriate foods to build and heal their bodies on a regular basis. Different foods contain very unique nutritional components, all of which have a special place in the function of your pets’ health. The chemistry of each of these basic food components plays a unique role in strengthening and healing the body by both supplying nutrients and removing toxins. When processed foods derived from commercial manufacturers are ingested, these unique functions and nutritional value is artificially altered. Take any food you eat and compare the nutrient values between raw and cooked. They will differ tremendously.  Some of those changes may be favorable but in most cases, the nutrients are degraded significantly when cooked.

So, is every meal an opportunity to heal? The answer is YES! Food is medicine. Every nutrient that ourselves and our pets consume has a purpose. Excesses of all-natural products are easily eliminated whereas synthetics, man-made chemical compounds will confuse and stress healthy bodily functions. As a result, drugs are prescribed and eventually cause the body NOT to heal itself. The goal for a healthy pet is to provide the best, freshest, naturally raised foods possible and this will have the greatest impact on your pets overall health!

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