Why Do Fatty Tumors Appear and Are They Cancerous?

As our pets and even ourselves age, we often see lumps and bumps appear on the body. These fatty lumps are called lipomas or fatty tumors. Technically, it is a glob of fat between the skin and the muscle below. Most of the time, they are benign and usually harmless; however, we still should understand the reason why they appear and what we should do about it.

As we have said numerous times before, health challenges are caused by two conditions, toxicity (poison) and deficiency (malnutrition). Once this is acknowledged, we can then start the search to identify and change the causes and conditions that will allow the body to heal.

Veterinarians tell us that most of these fatty tumors are harmless and are not a cancer however in reality, all tumors are cancerous. We see this more often in dogs and in larger quantities because most pet owners are feeding and medicating these pets without any regular detoxification. Humans are fortunate to have a more routine detoxification process because of a more diversified diet which includes cleansing green vegetables and herbs.

Toxins and synthetic (man-made) drugs, chemicals, vitamins and other substances are stored in fat cells throughout the body. While the body’s normal process constantly works to remove and eliminate these invasive elements through the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, the toxins can overload the system as the body ages. As a result, the body pushes these toxic fat globs away from the vital organs to the exterior of the body.

Now that you realize that the body is attempting to remove these toxic fatty globs or lipomas, it is imperative to also know that when toxins are not removed, these fat cells will start to become damaged and subsequently be replaced by mutated cells that can become malignant or cancerous.

Surgically removing them is often practiced by allopathic doctors and veterinarians, however the procedure is not a method to cure the condition. In fact, it can result in more aggressive reoccurrences.  This happens when the core problems of deficiency and toxicity have not been addressed and we have diverted the healing energy to the surgical wound rather than the toxic area.  The body is designed to heal itself. All we can do is provide the tools. The tools include providing the cleanest environment possible. While we have little control over the air that consists of thousands of chemical pollutants, we do have control over our foods and water to a greater degree. This includes a species specific real food diet along with herbs and botanicals.

When we do these environmental modifications that include a nutritional approach, elimination of toxic chemicals which includes food additives, preservatives, drugs, medications so-called preventatives, cleaners, deodorizers and more, we allow the body to heal and cure itself. We have witnessed case after case of pets’ lipomas and fatty tumors disappearing instead of becoming malignant tumors upon following a more holistic regimen. These lifestyle changes will also result in optimal overall health and an increased ability to fight all assaults on the immune system. Cancer is not a death sentence and can be prevented or even eliminated by an all-natural means.

Bill Piechocki, nutritionist and Dr. Diane Sudduth, DVM are partners in Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach, FL, and co-hosts of the radio show. Our 40 years in the animal field has provided us unparalleled vision and information which we pass to our clients on a daily basis. We can be reached at 800-940-7387. Call us for a free consultation, we would be more than happy to help.

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