Ketogenic Diet for Pets and Paleo Pet Food in Gulf Stream

Cat Looking at Food from a Ketogenic Diet for Pets in Gulf Stream, FL

Do you own a pet in Gulf Stream, FL, and consider them family? If so, you want the best food to improve your pet’s health and extend their life. My Paleo Pet provides a ketogenic diet for pets with high-quality, fresh, raw meat and dairy.

With all the benefits of the ketogenic diet, we help you and your pet make good memories for years.

BARF Diet for Cats and Dogs in Gulf Stream, FL

Despite the off-putting name, BARF stands for “biologically appropriate raw food” and offers cats and dogs the nutritious foods they naturally evolved to eat. These include raw dairy, like milk, eggs, cheese, smoothies, and yogurts, as well as ground meat like chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, and pork.

The BARF diet is high in protein, moderate in fats, and low in carbohydrates, making it a ketogenic diet. What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet for pets in Gulf Stream, FL?

  • Natural diet: Cats and dogs are carnivores, but modern pet food doesn’t meet their evolutionary or nutritional needs as well as natural raw foods. With food from My Paleo Pet, you avoid the unnatural additives manufacturers add to common pet food.
  • Improved health: By consuming human-grade raw meat and dairy, your pet experiences improved oral health, gorgeous skin and fur, and reduced allergies. While traditional pet foods claim to offer specialized blends, they can’t compete with fresh raw food.
  • Balanced temperament: Many pets who eat natural, fresh, raw human-grade meat and dairy experience an overall improvement in temperament and experience less mood swings, anxiety, and aggressive behavior.

Natural Herbs for Cats and Dogs in Gulf Stream, Florida

Natural Herbs for Cats and Dogs in Gulf Stream, Florida

To help support the diet of your Gulf Stream, FL, pet, My Paleo Pet also offers natural herbs for dogs and cats. Our dozens of blends include support for inflammation, balanced hormones, muscles and joints, and Lyme disease.

If you want all the benefits of a ketogenic diet for pets, shop our online store today.

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As a quiet, planned community in the Miami Metropolitan Area, Gulf Stream, FL, offers a small-town feel on the Atlantic Coast. Tourists love the beautiful beaches common to the area, and the region has numerous golf courses and wildlife refuges. If you’re a foodie, check out nearby DADA, which offers classic American fare, or sample some Cuban food at Cabana El Rey in nearby Delray Beach.