Why Choose BioComplete™ Natural Herbs for Dogs and Natural Herbs for Cats

BioComplete Natural Herbs for Dogs and Cats

BioComplete Natural Diets are produced in South Florida and are a veterinarian family owned and operated company. Our fresh raw meals for your cat or dog are made with love in our kitchens. We use fresh human grade, USDA graded cuts of meat, fish and poultry. Never any grains or fillers! These fresh raw food entrees are naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients that when fed in a rotation provides a uniquely balanced approach.

BioComplete Natural Herbs is a complete line of over fifty USDA Organic and Naturally grown, wild harvested human grade herbs, packaged in recyclable glass jars to prevent contamination. Herbs have been used to cure and prevent illness and disease for thousands of years. They are whole foods that when used with species appropriate diets provide additional nutrients for the body. Capsule form is available upon request.

BioV Clarity Organic Herbal Blends are a distinct line of blended herbs and botanical foods designed to support both general health and specific challenges. These foods are a super source of micro nutrients and detoxification support that allow the body to heal and cure itself of most health challenges. The blends are packaged in recyclable glass jars to prevent contamination and are available in capsule form.

BioComplete Naturals include beneficial products like Fresh Frozen Cow & Goat Whole Raw Milk and Colostrum, Fresh Frozen 100% Aloe Vera Juice, Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder, and our BioVTM Clarity Water Clarifier. These products each have a unique place in immune health and vitality.