Raw Bones

Pets and pet owner’s alike just love My Paleo Pet’s USDA human-grade specialty bones by BioComplete. These tasty chews are sourced from the USA with many of our meat suppliers right here in Florida when inventory is readily available. All of My Paleo Pet’s bones are hand-trimmed by our own butcher who provides a variety of cuts such as beef marrow center cut, femur and minis just to name a few which are convenient for any size or breed. We also have many other varieties of bones available exclusively at the store location for now such as turkey drumsticks, chicken necks, veal, lamb shank, pork and exotics such as venison and bison. All bones are human-grade, USDA inspected and approved and are always sourced from hormone and chemical free animals.

It has been said that bone marrow actually contains more vitamins and minerals than the actual meat surrounding them.

BioComplete’s marrow bones are a collagen rich source that is beneficial for joints, teeth, allergies, digestion and autoimmunity, Pets just love them and why wouldn’t they? Bones have been a nutritionally beneficial staple for carnivores as far back as we can remember. All of My Paleo Pet’s bones are flash frozen to maintain quality of product.

Can be used to make your own bone broth or you can purchase our bone broths right here on this website as well.