Ketogenic Diet for Pets and Paleo Pet Food in Jupiter Island

Food on Plate from a Ketogenic Diet for Pets in Jupiter Island, FL

Does your Jupiter Island, FL, pet seem sluggish? Switching to a ketogenic diet for pets could improve their health and overall mood. My Paleo Pet offers fresh, raw, human-grade meat and dairy to help your pet live the best life.

BARF Diet for Jupiter Island, FL Cats and Dogs

An acronym for “biologically appropriate raw food,” BARF focuses on providing pets with food in line with their natural evolution. A BARF diet includes high-protein meats and dairy, which also makes the diet naturally ketogenic. The meat includes ground chicken, beef, pork, rabbit, and duck, and you can purchase a wide range of dairy options, including egg, milk, yogurt, cheese, and smoothies.

When your Jupiter Island pet consumes a BARF diet, it gains the following benefits:

  • With our fresh, raw food, you know you’re never feeding your pet processed food that introduces harmful additives.
  • Many pets develop dental problems as they age, and the bacteria that cause gum disease can spread to the rest of the body. The BARF diet improves a pet’s overall oral health.
  • Pets who eat fresh meat and dairy often have healthier skin and fur.
  • If your dog has allergies, an evolutionarily appropriate diet can reduce their severity.
  • A BARF diet can improve your pet’s temperament and help with more balanced behavior.

Jupiter Island’s Best Natural Herbs for Cats and Dogs

Natural Herbs for Cats and Dogs

How can you further support the diet of your Gulf Stream, FL, pet? We offer dozens of natural herbs for dogs and cats that improve your pet’s overall health, including:

  • Dandelion root, filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories
  • Echinacea powder for improved oral and skin health
  • Cinnamon bark for immune support
  • Ginger, which helps regulate your pet’s digestive system
  • Maca powder to improve cognitive function and natural healing

If you want all the benefits of a ketogenic diet for pets, shop our online store today.

Serving Jupiter Island, FL

Built upon a beautiful barrier island between Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, Jupiter Island offers amazing access to the Atlantic Coast while providing refuge from the hustle and bustle of big city life. While the island offers few unique attractions beyond beaches, the nearby cities offer exciting experiences like the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum or the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. Foodies love the availability of nearby gourmet food, such as that found at The Parisian Restaurant & Wine Bar, as well as more affordable options like the classic American fare at the Dune Dog Café.