“Optimal Health” - A New Year’s Resolution for 2015!

Now that 2015 has arrived, our goal is to help ALL pet caregivers with information that will make your pets healthier and happier for the rest of their lives!

Similar to us, the first step in attaining great health is in the foods that we eat. Would humans eat dry cereal every day of their lives? Is that what you are feeding your pet? Look at the ingredient label on the bag of food you are feeding your dog and cat. Also look at what you feed your hamster, canary, parrot, ferret and rabbit. Do they eat the ingredients listed in nature? I can answer this… NO!

Most manufactured pet foods are nothing more than convenience foods for your pet. It has nothing to do with optimal nutrition or good health. It is a marketing opportunity to sell you a product that is available in bulk quantity and produces a large profit both for the manufacturer and retailer. Your pets only deserve the best because they are a member of your family. Let’s give them the best! You may spend $2000.00 for a puppy, kitten, or a bird. Would you compromise their health with inadequate nutrition?

Every animal on this planet has a natural, healthy diet that it NEEDS! You, who have the role as their caregiver need to provide just that. Let me ask you… if you see chicken meal in the diet… can you go out and buy it in order to fix a homemade meal? What about high-fructose corn syrup, rice gluten meal and other weird ingredients… what are these? Can you buy these??? Why not? Because they are not food products! They are waste that food companies want you to accept as foods!

If you feed ANY food that contains an ingredient you cannot buy in your local health food store, it is not a food! It is waste from the food industry…. Items that we shouldn’t eat!

So… why are you feeding your pet industrial waste and why do most of your veterinary professionals promote or prescribe it?  I guess you need to ask them what is in the food that they prescribe and why they believe in it. Ask for real reasons! Why does my dog need to eat peanut shells and why give my diabetic cat glucose inducing foods?

You need to understand that keeping your pet healthy starts with providing the body the tools it needs to thrive. This includes a species appropriate diet of natural, whole, unprocessed foods and provides activities that they would engage in their natural environment. This will keep their immune systems strong and protect their bodies naturally.

After many years of viewing animals who suffer the consequences due to improper nutrition, environment etc., here is a simple regimen that I can recommend...You know your pet… the good and bad, the normal and abnormal, the healthy and sick. Use your own common sense. When your child throws up, do you panic? Or do you wait overnight to see if they heal naturally? There is no need to panic with your pet?

The key is to look at your pet the same way you would look at yourself regarding their health. It really is the same… health is health… Provide your pet with the most natural choices that you would give yourself!

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