Now's The Time To Make Sure You Know The Myths of Pet Health & Care!

You would think that today, in our high tech world we would find it easy to acquire accurate and solid information for our pet's health and welfare. The internet allows us almost instant access to what we believe is cutting edge, accurate, up-to-date information. The reality is that finding the truth can be more difficult.

There are numerous sources, many of which are based on opinion. They are designed to specifically to sell products and concept, not the facts. When you are searching for answers concerning your pets’ health and well-being, do you want an opinion or real answers based on truthful facts?

We are going to dispel a few of the most basic myths which have a profound effect on your pets’ health and well-being. Once you know these facts, you will be armed with the knowledge to ask the proper questions of those providing care  and advice for your pet.

Myth #1  Dogs and cats have evolved and are now omnivores...

This is absolutely false. According to taxonomists, the specific scientists that study and classify biological life, dogs and cats are indeed carnivores. While being domesticated and having adapted to our lives, they definitely have not evolved into being processed kibble feeders. This notion is pushed on us as a false marketing concept by manufacturers and pet food dealers selling low quality, high profit foods that are unfit as a diet for most forms of life.

Myth #2  Real, fresh, unprocessed foods are dangerous to both ourselves and our pets...

To believe this, one must first ask how life itself existed prior to pasteurization. The truth is that every creature on the planet eats raw foods except man. Only man and those animals that were fed processed diets suffer from the ever growing list of new diseases and health challenges. This concept is encouraged, with the help of several political government agencies, to allow the use of dangerous, low quality and contaminated foods into the food chain. It also allows for the addition of toxic additives to extend shelf life and appearance of perishable products. Nature has created everything we need in a natural form.

Myth #3  Regular medical care, treatments and vaccines are required...

While regular evaluations from health specialists are beneficial for you and your pets’ well-being, treating with toxic and dangerous drugs and vaccines must be weighed against the risks they pose. The majority of our worldwide pet population is not following our regimen of “annuals” resulting in fewer health challenges and greater longevity. The problem is that we confuse medical care with health. Medicine today, unfortunately is mostly profit motivated.

Myth #4  Only a professional can guide your health decisions...

Humans and pets are born with an innate ability to survive and thrive. This natural instinct is evident on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. We realize not to jump off a cliff because we’ve learned even a small fall hurts. Our pets sense things such as changes in weather and danger. We also have that ability to sense when something is wrong with our pets. Since eighty-five percent of all health challenges are related to diets, changing their diets should be paramount.

While this list only focuses on a few of the myths, logical factual information will put YOU in charge of your pets’ health and care. This approach is applicable to ourselves as well. Remember, health is paramount to a great life. This is why a species appropriate, raw, clean food diet is in order.

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