Diet... The Cure for Cancer... the Ketogenic Diet for your Pets

Recently published research on the "war on cancer" is in and the results sure look good. Dr. Thomas Seyfried is one of the leading pioneer academic researchers is promoting how to treat cancer nutritionally. He has been teaching neurogenetics and neurochemistry as it relates to cancer treatment at Yale University and Boston College for the past 25 years. The premise for this breakthrough is actually twofold. The first is that cancer is NOT a genetic disease and secondly, cancer cells need glucose to survive. ..Cancer’s Sweet Tooth,” is an article written by Patrick Quillin, PHD, RD, CNS and published back in the The April 2000 Issue of Nutrition Science News which also supports this theory.

Although many researchers have spent decades searching for genetic links to most cancers, the lack of results indicates that they are looking in the wrong place. As we’ve witnessed cancers soaring in both humans and our pets, it is not because we are breeding it in, but it is caused by factors that change the metabolism on a cellular level. This means it is a metabolic disease and therefore curable by changing the body metabolism.We have long held this approach, seeing pet after pet improve with tumors disappearing, bodily functioning and energy increasing that lead to healthier extended lives. This has been done through diet, which with our carnivorous pets is through the elimination of carbohydrates and sugars. This is their species appropriate diet to begin with, the one nature designed. It is now referred to a a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet for humans calls for eliminating all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates, and replacing them with healthy fats and high-quality protein. As carnivores would naturally consume very little in carbohydrate foods, elimination is easily accomplished. The approach to this dietary therapy is to greatly restrict the body glucose. This actually causes the cancer cells to starve to death. The same can be done in certain diets that can be classified as ketogenic as well for our pets. It seems miraculous that all we need to do to cure and prevent cancer in our dogs and cats is to feed them what they would eat in nature. The body, without the glucose for energy, will work the way it was originally designed by converting fat into energy. Several side effects of the ketogenic diet are logically evident. If the body is burning fat as energy, obesity and weight are greatly reduced. In addition, the research also shows that the ketogenic diet may be the cure for epilepsy and many other metabolic diseases. This is easily understood when we realize that our body stores unnatural, synthetic toxins in fat cells. These toxins, which we and our pets encounter on an ongoing everyday basis in our modern day environment, will not accumulate in the lower fat body.

Historically, previous generations of people and their pets ate high fat diets consisting of meats, eggs, and dairy instead of our modern sweet diet of processed cereal, breads, donuts, cookies and other high carbohydrate recipes. Their incidence of cancer was very low by today’s standards. This is further evidence that cancer is metabolic and not genetic.

Just imagine that the key to curing and preventing a whole host of metabolic disease is as simple and inexpensive as feeding natures intended diets. No more expensive, harmful radiation or debilitating chemotherapeutic drugs to gain a “few more months”, but rather enjoying great food and health for a longer life.

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