Are your Heartworm and Flea Medications for your pets really SAFE and EFFECTIVE?

Flea, tick, and heartworm medications have become a huge part of the animal health industry providing a major role in the total sales revenue for many animal hospitals, veterinarian practices, pet stores and other retail businesses. These medications are promoted and recommended by their manufacturers for every pet that we own throughout their whole life.



Fleas, ticks, and heartworms are parasites and can be a public health risk if they are out of control. Many promote these medications as preventatives but what do they prevent? They do not prevent your pet from becoming infested. You are actually treating your pet for things they don’t normally have or for thing they may only be exposed to periodically. There are better natural alternatives for you to look towards for your beloved pet? Botanical products like our BioV Clarity Heartworm/Parasite Blend, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Quassia Bark Powder and Wormwood have been used successfully for generations to control these and other parasite challenges. Wild animals usually drink under these trees to get the benefit.

Analyze what is actually in these products. There are poisons, insecticides and vermicides that we force our pets to endure over their entire lives. If you read the instructions and adverse effects warnings on these products, you can see their safety is clearly questionable. They are synthetic chemical compounds designed to kill their intended targeted parasites. Being synthetics and poisons, your pets’ body automatically reacts to them as harmful and attempts to correct it. This may happen by cleansing, vomiting or diarrhea, skin reactions, and other symptoms. These poisons can also destroy or alter healthy cells throughout the body. Many of these products are classified as neurotoxins, meaning they destroy nerve and brain cells, not only those of the flea or tick, but also those of your pets.

Most of these medications work by poisoning the blood on the theory that when a heartworm larva enters the bloodstream or if a flea or tick bites your pet and feeds on their blood, they will be killed. We are basically making our pets’ toxic in order to keep them parasite free. Of course we are also lowering our pets’ immune systems and putting them more at risk for any other health challenges out there. It makes them more susceptible to these parasites.

Why would we give our pet a poison to kill something they may not even have? Can a preventative build the body’s natural defense? Why would you use medications that accumulate in your pets’ body month after month, year after year? What happens when these chemicals start to combine within your pet’s body? What reactions will these newly formed combinations cause? Can any of this actually be safe or healthy?

Healthy animals have natural defense mechanisms that repel these parasites and in some cases will also kill them. Animals will also self-medicate with different foods and plant material in order to cure themselves. They may roll in a patch of lavender or mint to get rid of fleas and other biting insects or drink from puddles that are actually herbal teas that eliminate internal parasites.

Oursleves and many of our colleagues have had many discussions voicing our  true concern over the probability of heartworms being a problem and how this fear has created a financial boom for the veterinary business. Are you being told the truth and preventing or just paying for just profits. You can listen to one of our podcasts discussing the matter here...

Our approach is always to treat only when the challenge is there. Weigh the risks and benefits of each product in order to find the safest, most natural solution that you can. There are many natural botanicals available to create a naturally preventive system for your specific pets.

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